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What permanent desktop appraisals mean for the industry?

March 19, 2022 marked a monumental change in the U.S. appraisal industry when governmental-sponsored enterprises (GSE) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac officially started accepting desktop appraisals — a historical transformation, as some would call it. The announcement shook the appraisal world, leaving it flooded with thousands of questions and uncertainties. What does this new policy […]

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How does RE appraiser speed up floor plan and appraisal processes with revolutionary GLA software

Easy-to-use GLA technology to incorporate into your existing appraisal processes

Recently, we had the great opportunity to interview Nikki Rinkus – Field Staff Appraiser at Clario Appraisal Network. Nikki Rinkus has been appraising real estate in the Chicagoland market for 30 years and also holds her sales broker license. Over those 30 years, she has experienced unprecedented technological shifts in both arenas and has always […]

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Certified Real Estate Appraiser’s experience with CubiCasa. David Schiffmayer’s complex property appraisal story

digital GLA cubicasa floor plan ansi

David Schiffmayer, owner of Evergreen Appraisal, recently shared his amazing experience using CubiCasa app for his appraisal assignments. He is a Certified residential real estate appraiser based in Colorado. During his career, David provided valuations and appraisal services to organizations such as Wells Fargo, Fannie Mae, and Stewart Lender Services. Here’s what David Schiffmayer shared […]

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Solutions For Appraisers: How To Align With ANSI-Z765 Standard

GLA sketch and 2D floor plan by CubiCasa (ANSI aligned)

Besides locational influences, a home’s physical size is perhaps the single biggest contributor to its value. As such, accurately capturing dimensions is essential to getting a credible appraisal. Unfortunately, securing accurate and consistent GLA has historically been very challenging, even in the longstanding traditional appraisal process. While all appraisers are certainly skilled and capable at […]

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Your mobile phone is the new DISTO for real estate appraisals.

next generation GLA tool for appraisers

Technology is constantly transforming the appraisal industry. New solution-driven technologies have definitely streamlined some of the work that appraisers have to do. Professionals who adopt and adapt to new technologies are the ones who tend to use their time more effectively, provide their clients with more accurate reports, and have improved customer service and faster […]

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How to Use Different Floor Plan Apps

best floor plan apps for ansi aligned gla sketch for photographers agents and appraisers

Are you an appraiser/realtor/photographer or an individual selling a house? Are you trying to create a perfect floor plan without investing in expensive hardware? In this article, we will discuss two affordable solutions for all: To manually sketch a floor plan or to use professional floor plan apps! Use case: Providing ANSI-aligned floor plans In […]

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