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Benefits for Appraisals

CubiCasa application delivers consistent GLA results that align to ANSI® Z765. Scanning the property requires only minutes of work on-site and requires no training. Our app supports most iOS and Android smartphones, which makes it perfect for Hybrid and Desktop Appraisals. 6 hour and 24 hour turnaround times available.


What's included?

  • Interior walls
  • Doorways
  • Staircases
  • Exterior ingress/egress
  • Functional obsolescence
  • Labels for each room
  • Above/Below ground
  • PDF report including GLA floor plans and area calculations

Import seamlessly to your Appraisal Report

Floor plan images and area calculations in one single PDF. Import the PDF directly to your favorite appraisal report tool.


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Best For Appraisals

Base Floor Plan

GLA floor plan
Area calculation formula
ANSI® Z765 support
Room dimensions
Total area
Black & White listing floor plan
24 hour turnaround time
No fixed furniture
CubiCasa branding

Best For Real Estate Marketing

Plus Floor Plan

Everything as in Base and:
All fixed furniture
Add your logo
Custom floor plan styles
Door swing angle and direction
24 hour turnaround time

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  • STEP #3

    Scan a property with your mobile device and upload when done.

    steps to get floor plans cubicasa app steps to get floor plans cubicasa app
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    Next day: download your ready-to-use floor plans.

    steps to get floor plans cubicasa app steps to get floor plans cubicasa app

"With the GSE Desktop and Hybrid Appraisals becoming a permanent option, CubiCasa’s easy-to-use smartphone technology will enable us to scale our nationwide network to meet the opportunity."

cubicasa app review by Paul Doman, CEO at Accurate Group Paul Doman, CEO at Accurate Group

“Now that the GSEs have announced that desktop appraisals will become a permanent option, we have an opportunity to combine our patented data collection technology with CubiCasa’s scanning capabilities to become a one-stop shop for mortgage professionals, as they complete valuations.”

cubicasa app review by Luke Tomaszewski, CEO at ProxyPics Luke Tomaszewski, CEO at ProxyPics

“With the innovative CubiCasa software, our field staff will be able to render a digital floorplan of a subject property with nothing more than their smartphone. This will result in faster turnaround times and more accurate reporting from our real estate and appraisal professionals.”

cubicasa app review by John Noe, CEO at Mueller Reports John Noe, CEO at Mueller Reports

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Digital GLA is LIVE

We launched a new solution for appraisals that allows capturing Gross Living Area (GLA) with a mobile device. Our new digital GLA service allows you to get true GLA according to ANSI standards without measuring or drawing.

Interested in testing CubiCasa Digital GLA? We’d love to know how our scanning technology compares with your current floor plan sketch and GLA numbers. Connect with our sales team at

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